While the 1st Team is well known throughout history, we felt it would be best to tell you about the TRU unit. the 1st Cav TRU is a "Milsim" unit that operates on the arma 3 platform. it is based on the honor, hard charging spirit, and teamwork that made the actual 1st team a viable force in the combat arena.


The unit commander, Col. S. Ghering, is a veteran of the actual unit that is portrayed here in this tru. he served in baghdad during oif-2 with the 1st battalion, 12th cavalry. it is that history, love of the cavalry, and drive for perfection, that will make this milsim unit, one of the best in the arma 3 arena.


the 1st team TRU operates in custom missions as well as the liberation series. you can find out more by joining our discord which is linked in this page.

the unit and actions here are fictional and any portrayal of such, is strictly coincidental. the 12th battalion was deactivated shortly after the unit's return in 2005. it has since been reorganized and renamed. it is here, that the honor of the 1st battalion, 12th, will live on!!!!




12th battalion, has been in the fight not only in the real world, but in the gaming world for a long and distinguished time. Our milsim roots date back before the relase of battlefield 1942. We have been in active gaming units since then. You may see other groups flying the 1st cavalry colors, but none, have the gaming experience, professionalism, nor real 1st cav training that you will find here in task force 1cav. we have what others only dream of. 

Apply below to join the fight but, be advised..............this is a 100% milsim unit. if you don't know what that means? Join our discord and speak to any staff member or google "milsim". we have a motto that we have used since arma 1..........."as real as you can get ...........without having to enlist"

Before you enlist, know this: We only accept those that can put in the time. If you don't have at least a few hours a week available? Don't enlist. If you cannot follow orders from the Officers and nco's appointed over you? Don't enlist. if you are the solo, lone wolf, do it on your own, or just want to fly? Don't enlist....everyone else? The meps station is below....good luck son!