The winged vipers.............jet jockies...whatever you want to call them, they are those that bring the pain from above. Always on call and always ready to kick someone's a**.....we call them.

Carrier Air Wing 8

Comprised of the old............and the new, the CVW boasts a lethal combination of speed, and firepower. Be it the VF-101 in the classic and well respected F-14 Tomcat, or the VFA-97 in the new and versitile F/A-18 Super Hornet, if you need it destroyed? We have you covered. 

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Squadron Roster

Squadron Lead

F/A 18 (Reaper One Six) - Cmdr Shea "Grampa" G.

Reaper Flight

F/A 18 (Reaper One Two) - LTjg. Mark "Timeline" B.

F/A 18 (Reaper One Three) - T.B.D

F/A 18 (Reaper One Four) - T.B.D.

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Squadron Roster

Squadron Lead

F-14 (Sundance One Six) - T.B.D.

Reaper Flight

F-14  (Sundance One Two) - T.B.D.

F-14  (Sundance One Three) - T.B.D

F-14  (Sundance One Four) - T.B.D.