So you want to become a Cavalry Trooper? Novel idea........many do, some fail. So what does it take to become a soldier in 1-12? The list is long, but here are just some of what we expect:

  • Dedication - This is a major part of the 12th. We don't want "short timers" or "Part Timers"...if you enlist...your agreeing to putting in the time and effort to not only better yourself...but your unit. If you cannot be on more than one night a week? May want to look into one of those "Navy" units

  • Honor - Another core value. Respect yourself and those around you. Do what is right regardless of the cost. 

  • Training - This we do...and we do it ALOT. We run off a great many of the actual Army manuals, just modified for online gaming. We also use the experience and knowledge of our senior staff and senior enlisted...come ready to train and ready to feel the pain.

  • Respect - A BIG letter word. This unit is 150% MilSim. Meaning we do things almost exactly how they are done in RL. Officers and NCO's are addressed as "Sir" and "Sergeant (or other)" respectively. This is done both in the field and in all voice/text coms. You want realism? We are here to give you just that.

  • Ability to have fun - Yea..............that one is self explanitory

As in all MilSim units, here are some of the things you can expect to see here in 1st/12th:

  • Weekly Operations - These will be preplanned and will have the complete gauntlet. OpOrd, Frago (fragmentary orders), coms, weapon layouts, etc. You work as a unit.

  • Dedicated Chain of Command - This means we function just as a real unit. You report to your next in command, they report higher, and so on. 

  • Training - As stated before, we do this..............ALOT.

  • Vanilla and Operations Servers - We have two servers. One runs vanilla ArmA 3, usually the "Liberation" mission, the other runs our mods and bounces from Liberation to our custom missions.

  • Sponsored Unit- Means you always have a dedicated support group.

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