The 12th Cavalry has two servers at it's disposal, one is based in vietnam era (temporarily back on VanillA unmodded), the other in modern day. Both are password locked and have mods installed. Below you will find the information you need. We also use Discord for our main communications and information sharing, and a dedicated Teamspeak server for operations. You will find the needed information here. 

Modern Day server. Open to all players. Armor and Air assets are locked out to Enlisted =1CAV= members only.  Commander and Zeus are whitelisted.


Map/Mission - Varies (usually liberation)

Voice Communications - Teamspeak

Teamspeak -

Server Rules:

  1. Flying only permitted by Commissioned Officers that are Flight Qualified. This goes for ALL GUESTS as well


  3. Check in on Discord with your chain of command to see where we are in the operation before moving out. We usually leave the server in mid-operation and expect it to be as we left it...unless we give you the green light.

   =1CAV= Members Additional Information


Server 1 Info/Requirements:


Clan tag REQUIRED for all that have enlisted. Your clan tag must look like this:

=1CAV= Ltc Shea G (=1CAV= Rank First Name Last Initial)

Voice comms vary by day (and our mood). Check in Discord to see if we are operating on TFAR (Teamspeak) or just in the Discord Voice channels. 

   =1CAV= Members Additional Information


Server 2 Info/Requirements:

Clan tag also required as in server 1 Teamspeak is the ONLY communications setup, however, you must have your character IN the Discord room and muted (this way we know someone is in the server)

Server #2 Mod List (Updated Jun 20, 2020)

Because of the list of mods we use is rather long, all with the exception of the TFAR (listed below) are available on the Steam Workshop. The EASIEST way to load them is to download the preset below, un-rar, and drop on your Steam ArmA 3 launcher. It will load and update the mods for you. I will post below when a new RAR file is added and what version we are on.

We also have 4 files that go into your ArmA 3>Addons folder. These are used to make the mod list shorter. They can be removed and placed on your desktop when you go to other servers or back to vanilla. These files below are REQUIRED to get on our Ops server

Current Version: 1CAV Preset V01

Date of Upload: 13SEP2020

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